Swami Aliyananda Paramahansa has recorded these free video and audio (MP3) podcasts to help you in your life. You can listen online to the video or audio.

Alternatively you can download the audio MP3 to your device. Thank you for being part of the World Peace Mission!



Love your Life!

Do you love your life? Practise this guided meditation so you can!

About Joy

Find out what is joy and how can you be joyful.

Joy Meditation

A guided meditation to help you to access the joy within you!

About Happiness

Learn about happiness with this discourse

Happiness Meditation

A guided meditation to open up to happiness

About Peace

What is Peace? Find out more!

Peace Meditation

A guided meditation for inner peace

About Love

They say love makes the world go round, but what is love?

Love Meditation

A guided meditation to help you discover inner love